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 Best quality cleaning products and disinfectants for use on 

different premises.

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Products to assist with animal identification, marking and tracking.


Vaccines to improve the health and welfare of your chickens.

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Onsite delivery, which eliminates your need for storage and transport.

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Humane and effective control products to solve nearly every problem.


A wide range of supplements and vitamins for the continued health of your animals.

Cleaners and Disinfectants


BIOBOOT is a dry pan disinfectant formulated for use in live animal farming operations, where a dry foot pan is preferred as part of a comprehensive biosecurity program.

BIOBOOT does not freeze or evaporate like liquid disinfectants. Abrasives in the formula help remove organic matter on footwear. The product will continue to provide an acceptable level of disinfection in the presence of organic matter.


VIRULOX is a white free-flowing powder with a faint lemon odor. It contains oxidizing agents, wetting agents,

organic acids and corrosion inhibitors. VIRULOX is highly recommended for all levels of disinfection due to its broad spectrum efficacy. It is recommended for use throughout the Animal Health Sector, including poultry houses, hatcheries, food processing plants, equestrian stables and all animal pens.


BACTOLOX-F is the foaming equivalent

of BACTOLOX and it is used for the sanitizing/disinfection of pre-cleaned poultry houses, hatcheries, processing plants and animal pens.

A diluted solution of 250-300ml/m² is recommended. It is imperative that the correct volume of diluted solution is used

in the area to be sanitized/disinfected. 


BACTOLOX is an endorsed alternative of liquid formaldehyde as used for standard fumigation applications and disease control as part of a biosecurity program.

For the fumigation of poultry houses

and animal pens, a diluted solution

of 15L/1500m² via a cold fogger

is recommended. 

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